Most Popular Kitchen Trends of 2015


Are you planning to renovate your home? Then starting it with revamping your kitchen would be the best idea in 2015. It is important to consider what you will require and how you can get a better kitchen before you start searching a remodelling company. So here are top 12 kitchen trends for 2015 that are most popular and will help you to do kitchen remodelling on a budget.

Furniture-style Design Features

Top trending idea in 2015 is to have furniture-style cabinetry and other features. This way your kitchen will become a place where the whole family can enjoy. A different element of the kitchen is to have pieces of beautiful furniture rather than cooking alone.


A new trend toward open shelving has evolved. Having open shelves in kitchen will personalize the area by making it feel warm and lived-in, while functioning properly and easily. You can combine cabinets and open shelves to hide some things that you do not want displayed.


Wallpapers with WOW factor add more interest and character to your kitchen. It is one of the major trends of 2015 to have wallpapered kitchen that provide an easy way to add visual impact. If you want to use wallpaper in an unexpected beautiful way then have them on ceilings.

Modern traditional style

One of the most influential looks of 2015 includes designs that combine traditional and modern elements. Cabinets can be painted with different colours, made out of materials and textures. Replace flat-panel cabinet doors with classic doors and above all, use materials that are mixed such as wood with stainless steel and marble.

Beautiful Ceilings

2015 will definitely be the year of beautiful ceilings that are designed with different shapes and features. Use of wooden designs runs from one side of the island to the cabinets on the opposite wall instantly draws attention on anyone, as does the row of clerestory windows that creates the illusion of a floating ceiling.

Luxury Metallic

This year, a trend of warmer metals like bronze, copper and gold will be very hot. People have become fan of metallic that have their moment to shine. These luxury bronze, copper and gold metals provide a gleaming finish and a beautiful texture.

Minimal wall cabinets

The trend of open and airy kitchen has become increasingly popular now days. People have started designing fewer wall cabinets. Having minimal wall cabinets enhances kitchen’s sense of spaciousness. This will also allow you to finish you kitchen remodelling on a budget.

Vertical-joint wood panelling

Kitchen remodelling San Antonio companies suggests that vertical-joint wool panelling have become eye-catching, dynamic method of introducing detail to a kitchen. You can integrate this trend to your kitchen by using a panelled ceiling or cabinetry.

Classic Shaker Style

This timeless and simple appearance has become increasingly popular in 2015 and a number of people have started to appreciate the textural beauty of wood while keeping things traditional and in classic style.

So have you got your mind clear with these top 2015 kitchen trends? Then plan to change up your kitchen by hiring a professional Kitchen Remodelling San Antonio company.

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