Remodelling for Modern Bathrooms: Trends and tales


The time for antiquated bathrooms that carry a palatial ambience with antiquated decor is long past. Bathroom remodeling Seguin, gives bestow touch to your bathroom, one must know the limits within which this can be done. Decor must not compromise or effective sanitation, and cost remains a major factor. Here are a few friendly tips to keep in mind, no matter how much your advisor tells you otherwise, to avoid unnecessary complications:

Colours are your friends:

A smart choice of colour combination can do wonders for your bathroom’s decor. Subtle tones like beige, white are the norm. Try mixing up tiles in combinations of black and red, yellow and black, turquoise and white- opt for sharper, bolder tones, with a minimal print. Explore combinations of striking contrast, without going overboard as too bright or too dull will take away the relaxed, joyful ambience that you are aiming for. Sanitary ware can be round, square, rectangular, or oval.

Explore thethe shapes of Bathroom with best bathroom remodeling in San Antonio:

The sanitary ware you choose for your bathroom renovation can be of a variety of shapes: round, rectangular, oval, spherical. However, efforts should be made to combine sanitary ware of the same shape in the bathroom to keep a standard look: hence, if you opt for a square tub, your sink must also be square. If you choose a square sink you automatically have to buy square sink and bathtub. Explore the idea of sharper shapes like square and rectangle with bolder colours and try and match softer tones in your bathroom to curved sanitary ware shapes.

Wood and Marble Decor:

While a marble bathroom is the norm opted for considering its impervious behaviour towards water, one can freely explore the wooden decor slowly making its way up on the popularity charts for bathroom decor. Special treated wood is making rounds of the market, which if properly maintained, will not succumb to condensation. Besides, wooden decor compliments the warm colours in your bathroom and can also be combined with some classic wallpaper.

Keeping it Simple:

Ceramic tiles and wood, the oldest known trick in the book, is still an excellent decor idea for an urban bathroom. Opt for earthy colours, explore shapes, and look into marbles with various textures if you wish to opt for something a little more extravagant. Combine tones and shapes that gel well together and keep the decor light and pleasant to give your bathroom a modern, urban look.

Remodel your bathroom to suit your needs and make it reflective of your personality to derive an optimum experience of comfort and relaxation. Let it be indicative of your character and your likes while reigning in the desire to go overboard and you shall have a successful remodelling experience.


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