When it comes to adding or replacing a patio door at home, there are a lot of considerations to be taken into account. One of the most important decisions to make is whether to use a sliding or a hinged patio door. Both these types of doors are equally beneficial, in their own ways, but are not always suitable to all styles of home. Every home has its own style, in terms of comfort, luxury, aesthetics and functions, and the two different types of patio door are available in woodwork, fiberglass and vinyl, depending on their suitability to the house.

Sliding patio doors may be beneficial in rooms with limited space, since they do not require much room to swing open, sliding in the built-in groove. Offering a contemporary look to homes, they are easy to maintain, and make allowance for a lot of light, owing to their large glass panels. When equipped with a foot bolt lock, instead of using a wood board, sliding patio doors make for increased security.

Hinged patio doors are flexible in the sense that they allow for furniture to pass through easily, and permit larger openings for foot traffic. They are heavily accentuated, with delicate detailing, and thus make for larger attractiveness outdoors. They are safe, as in; they decrease the potential of tripping hazards, due to their lower threshold. They may come with a multi-locking system for increased security, and offer an additional bonus of a more classic appeal in the way they appear.

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