Effective Bathroom Restoration


When renovating a bathroom for a fresher look, there are certain important considerations to be made, so as to make sure that the bathroom effectively meets every need.

  • Elegant fixtures: Simple pedestal sinks and such make for more elegance than a cabinet vanity.
  • Test bathtubs before buying: Bigger does not necessarily have to mean better, and one must seek the perfect amount of utility extracted. The claw foot bath tub is a beautiful, sculptural classic.
  • Durable flooring: Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are excellent choices for a bathroom. Well-sealed hardwoodfloors offer natural warmth and act as a foil for the other hard, cold surfaces in a bathroom.
  • A stylish mirror: It is aesthetically appealing for there to be one beautifully framed mirror, rather than a number of mirrors.
  • Shower space: An open-concept shower area that doesn’t need a curtain or door is less confining than a standard shower stall. In addition to well-designed drainage, a ceiling-mounted rain showerhead and/or a high wall-mounted showerhead that splashes less water will keep the area outside the shower drier
  • Lighting: Good lighting is imperative. Combine halogen pot lights with wall sconces beside or over the mirror for lighting with no shadows. Always install dimmers.
  • Toilet: When buying a toilet, quality is essential. Spending a lot of money is unnecessary, but you cannot compromise on quality. Models with elongated bowls and seats are usually most comfortable.
  • Luxury: Make the most of available space by installing utility cupboards and electrical appliances, converting it into a safe haven for privacy and relaxation.

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