Tips regarding bathroom remodeling in low budget

Bathroom Remodeling


Our homes are like the human bodies- coordinated and needing care. Very often the most affected parts are the ones that are stressed more frequently than the rest. For example, the bathrooms often develop moulds and the walls crack due to long term dampness. And with each repair, comes the additional strain of time constraints and expenses. Fear not. There are many low budget renovation options in store.

For starters, accessorize the bathroom. You read that right. Hang a new mirror that brightens up the existing colour. Drop the shower curtains and hang something fancy, like beads, or shells. Then just clean the shower knobs and taps with some liquid solution. They’ll shine like new again.

Hire someone to clean up the entire bathroom. Or better still, do it yourself and save money. Change your towels and any other bath linen. Pour some essential oils into them and spray some air freshener into the washroom. Say goodbye to odour.

Often adjusting the window panes alters the lighting and the room automatically looks brighter or darker depending on it. If you want more customisation, try putting up pictures of awesome moments in waterproof frames. Also, try tiling your counter top. It’s easy to set up and looks better than a mundane old stone slab.

Want more funk? Pull down the tiles and paint. Make a personalized wallpaper or just leave it bare. You can also try painting the floor and putting up little instances of your creativity on the bathroom door.

And if the old toilet and bath tub look mellow, just re-glaze them! There you go. Affordable care for a lovable part of the house.

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